Living the dream in Paris….finding a job you love

Living the dream in Paris….finding a job you love
25 June 2018 Virginia Bastide
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People come to Paris for a change of life, culture and ultimately career. It’s a chance for a new beginning, a new adventure.

We all want a job that stimulates us, inspires us and goes beyond the pay cheque, right?  There are lots of different ways to approach this and here are some easy actionable ideas for connecting with work you’ll love.

Think about what motivates you.
What skills do you already have?
How can a place in the Early Years Childhood Education programme help your career progression and cultural experience in Paris?
Visit our one stop job shop that is Le Répertoire de Gaspard.

Personality, pay and company culture – we uncover the secret to career bliss….

If you’re looking for a great community, a rewarding career and a chance to make a difference, here at Le Repertoire de Gaspard we feel we’ve found the ideal work/life balance for newcomers experienced in childcare, education and the English language sector.

Paris is screaming out for English speakers to help French people master the language. A great way to achieve this is for French families to get English speaking childcarers involved in the after-school and Wednesday routines for their kids to achieve this (lots of French children don’t have school on Wednesdays!).

As an English speaker, you can expect to be involved right from the word go in a rewarding experience. Challenging and intense at times, if you are ready to put in the effort, you will not be disappointed.


If you are open-minded, like a challenge and want to be in Europe’s must-be city, Paris will give you a unique experience. We are always on the lookout for people with a ‘wanderlust’ for life and are happy to explore new countries and cultures.


We provide stable salaries to all our employees, honest and up-front from the start, there will be no nasty surprises. Everything will be clear and wrapped up in a French contrat de travail.


We are proud of our open door culture. At the agency headquarters just off the Champs-Elysée, drop-in with your concerns, queries or chance to share your successes – we are here and delighted to listen. Our Anglophone community of staff will provide you with invaluable advice throughout your work and study adventure here in Paris.

Already been in the work arena?

Once you’ve experienced the world of work for a few years you begin to realise the type of jobs you enjoy. We hire many people from all over the world of all ages. Many have come to us for a change of life and career. We’ve worked with former lawyers, doctors, communications specialists who realised that the rat-race was not for them and in fact undertaking our diploma course, attending French lessons and looking after children was a far more rewarding alternative.

Fresh out of college or university?

Not sure what to do? Thinking of a gap year? Considering becoming a teacher but not quite ready to do a full-on degree? Want to master a new language in our ever-changing world where linguistic skills are a must?

By undertaking our Early Years Childhood Diploma option over ten months, you will gain valuable experience that many have used as a stepping-stone to then become teachers. Others have used their French diploma qualification to stay on here in France to work in crèches, halte-garderies, pre-schools and as assistante maternelle – many doors will be opened to you. Alternatively, speak to the Le Repertoire de Gaspard team for ongoing work opportunities with the agency after the programme. We have a great retention rate – both with our employees and families.

School leaver?

Thinking of going abroad for a year but still want/need to earn some money and learn to become a little bit independent from your family? Our supportive team can guide you through the French administrative challenges to accompany you on a journey where we can get you accommodation, regular social events, a stable salary and opportunity to mix with other like-minded people giving you and your family ease of mind.

Whatever your background, experience or objective, we want your time here in Paris to be fulfilling!
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