Nurturing Fine Motor Skills Through the Joy of Cooking with Children as an Alternative to Screens Introduction by CAP student Ingryd

Nurturing Fine Motor Skills Through the Joy of Cooking with Children as an Alternative to Screens Introduction by CAP student Ingryd
21 May 2024 Beatriz Silva
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Greetings, dear friends! I am Ingryd, and am currently immersing myself in the art of nurturing young minds as I pursue my CAP Petite Enfance Educational Assistant qualifi cation. Today, I am thrilled to share with you the project I have been maturing for 6 months.


Within the confi nes of this project lies a tale of culinary exploration intertwined with the melodies of childhood giggles. Through the simple act of cooking, I aim to not only refi ne the motor skills of our little ones but also use the kindle the fl ames of curiosity and excitement for mealtimes to substitute screens. Together with my pint-sized radiant 3-year-old sous chef, we made dinner time for everybody! (us and the 2 other siblings)



Project Approach:

Actors and Resources:

Other than me and the little one, we had the mother’s help, who kindly supplied us with the necessary culinary treasures. Armed with my passion for cooking, a sprinkle of creativity, and an unwavering commitment to hygiene, I serve as the guiding light in this gastronomic adventure that was preparing rice, meat and washing the salad.




Our journey begins in the open and spacious kitchen. Through keen observation and dedicated study, I found the best opportunity to ignite the kid’s culinary curiosity. Recognizing his waning interest in mealtimes, I seized upon the idea of transforming standard tasks into a playful moment and I opted by doing everyday food so he could feel the chef and proud of what he did up to the point to eat and encourage the others too.

Challenges and Solutions:

During all the process I faced myself dealing with the delicate balance between fostering autonomy and ensuring safety. Through clear communication and vigilant supervision, we put into practise activities in the stove, mixing the food very carefully and enchanting with his reactions through the aliment becoming something very deliciously interesting.


Positive Outcomes:

The kid had the best reactions with his newfound curiosity. But perhaps the greatest reward of all lies not in the acquisition of skills but in the forging of an unbreakable bond – a bond steeped in trust, laughter, and the shared joy of creation.


Personal Evaluation:

As I reflect upon our culinary moment, I see I should have prepared the aliments fi rst, just to be sure they would be absolutely clean and fresh to eat, as I didn’t want to do it after the kid just did, because this gives a certain discouragement to keep doing such tasks. The main goal I set for this activity was beyond developing fi ne motor skills, but to present a new world for the kid that he could actually feel capable of doing something unique and feel encouraged to keep doing it in the future.

Professional and Personal Growth:

This activity has enriched my professional repertoire, made me understand some other levels of child development, and the delicate dance of fostering independence within the confi nes of safety. On a personal level, it has been such a joyful moment of love and shared experiences.


We both learned with this activity. He mastered on concentration and carefullness and I learned how to teach daily basis activities with love. I am fi lled with a sense of profound gratitude – gratitude for the opportunity to nurture young hearts, gratitude for the bonds forged amidst fl our-dusted fi ngertips, and gratitude for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

So the lesson we all learned today may be: active learning solidifi es bonds and creates good memories and also good hopes for a brighter future once we substitute the screen for live acts and practical moments which the result is a very good meal with the people you love.

Thank you,
See you next time!


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