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Why join us…

Our childcare educator team hail from all parts of the world and usually have experience being a nanny, babysitter, au pair or are just looking to work in fun jobs with kids! We are proud of our high retention rate amongst employees and take great pride in offering professional development opportunities. Through our array of social events, French lessons, training and work, we ensure you have a fun and memorable experience in Paris.

All of our office staff are bilingual so can always provide an anglophone perspective on French matters! With a passion for all aspects of childcare and children’s development, our team are here to guide you on your voyage in the French capital whilst our welcoming community feel will make life in Paris a home away from home. It is easy to meet people and make friends with the other babysitters through our free French lessons and regular social and sporting events!

Live in Paris

Whatever your reason for being in Paris, come and join our community of English speaking staff and childcarers where we can offer you a secure job and support for living here. This is the perfect way to experience Paris.

To help get you started, delve into our sections on budgeting, how to find accommodation (now that you are not an au pair!) or perhaps start ticking off items in the helpful move checklist.


Study in Paris

We created the Paris Institute of Childcare Training with the aim to develop our employees’ career aspirations within the childcare and French language sector.

All courses are run in friendly and supportive environment with the overall objective to help you further your career and personal development in Paris.


Why choose us

Free French Lessons

The agency offers weekly French lessons with an Alliance Française accredited teacher. You will find the content of each lesson is varied and engaging.


Find out more about the job opportunities we have available – ranging from part and full-time posts and a special study/work option.

Live in Paris

Want to live in the city of lights and love? Find work, a place to live and a lively support network to help you get started.

Your Contract

Having a stable long-term contract is guaranteed with the agency and will help you set up a bank account and your French social security.

Our Community

Looking to get fit or perhaps indulge in some local French delicacies and culture? Discover our active and social community.


Need a place to live in Paris? We can point you in the right direction or even propose a residential lodgment with one of our accommodation partners.


The agency is here to support you whether it be one on one development, weekly activity ideas, books and materials or administration help.

Employee Benefits

Salary, transport card, free French lessons, Jog Gym… everything you will have access to as part of the agency.

“I feel that Le Répertoire de Gaspard makes a huge effort to help employees settle into the Parisian life.”

– Fiona, @Le Répertoire de Gaspard


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