Full time childcare diploma

We offer a unique proposition at the Paris Institute of Childcare Training… gain a professional qualification and on the job learning, all whilst getting paid!

We are the only training centre in Paris to provide this opportunity to native-level English speakers. The ten-month course will lead to you to obtaining a French Early Years Childcare diploma called the CAP Accompagnant Educatif Petite Enfance.

The diploma programme is made up of three key parts :

  1. Study the Early Years Childcare diploma known as the CAP Accompagnant Educatif Petite Enfance at our training centre the Paris Institute of Childcare Training
  2. Work with a family to help the children to speak and learn English.
  3. Work placement to put the theory into practice.

A typical week

You can expect to work an average of 35 hours per week over a ten-month period from late August to early July.

Diploma classes are usually from 9am to 3.30pm at the Paris Institute of Childcare Training and cover French language; childhood development; psychology; biology; maths; nutrition; practical aspects relating to the industry; French history and geography.

The second part of the day is spent working with a family and putting all your knowledge into practice ! You would usually pick the kids up from school and take them home until their parents get back – from about 4pm to 7.30pm each weekday except Wednesdays when it is a half or full day of work.

There is no weekend work and you will be off for most French school holidays such as at Christmas, which will allow you to go home and visit your family or explore France and Europe a little more.

Work placements

Work placements, called a stage in French, are an opportunity to put the theory into practice and work on your French in a professional environment. Our stage partners range from international and bilingual schools to creches in Paris and its surrounding suburbs. Your work placements will take place at different points of the year in different locations to ensure you have variety.

Opportunities after the diploma

Through our Early Years Childcare diploma programme, you will obtain a recognized French qualification both in France and abroad.

You will be equipped with the ability to:

  • teach in French schools as teaching assistants;
  • work in a French or bilingual creche;
  • work in a French or bilingual halte-garderie;
  • work with one of our international partners (who you may have already worked with as part of your placement)
  • After the ten months, you can also continue working as a childcarer with Le Répertoire de Gaspard or via one of our partners.