Part-time jobs in Paris

childcare job in paris

Part-time jobs in Paris exist all year round for our English speaking educator  positions. You can expect to work with children aged up to 14 years old. Note for children aged three and under, you need a childcare diploma or at least three-years work experience.

You will be trained in our methodology and receive continued guidance, support and materials to help you with the job.

A typical week – part-time jobs in Paris

You can expect to work between three to twenty-five hours a week for one, two, three or four days for after-school hours and half or a full day on a Wednesday.

Typical hours are weekdays from 4pm to 7.30pm and Wednesdays you work for half or a full-day.

Your tasks include speaking, playing, reading and talking in English with the children to encourage their language development. Safety and security are always paramount in addition to ensuring that you and the children have an enjoyable time together.

English teaching jobs

We have some families who prefer to have intensive, one-hour English lessons. If this is something that interests you, we recommend mixing these short one or two hour posts we have available with a part-time child care role to ensure an increased monthly financial remuneration.

If you want more information about our part-time jobs in Paris, do not hesitate to apply.