Salary & benefits


For our employees we offer the following benefits :

  • competitive salary;
  • assistance finding accommodation;
  • free French lessons;
  • 50 percent of your monthly transport costs reimbursed for those who work five days per week;
  • French job contract;
  • access to private health insurance and help setting up your social security number;
  • training in English methodolgy and health, behaviour and safety;
  • English speaking assistance with setting up a bank account, mobile sim-cards and medical advice;
  • Dedicated staff member whose role is to support your work and act as a liaison between you and the family
  • Access to our sport and social events
  • Opportunity to join free French cooking classes each week


CAP Petite Enfance & Titre Accueillant Educatif

This package – diploma, family work and work placement includes a minimum salary of 1000 euros NET per month over a ten month period. It is good to note that we are paying you to do the course so you earn while you learn 😉

This type of contract is like an apprenticeship and so you will need to have a visa allowing you to work full time.

Family work

You will be paid 11 euros NET per hour with the agency in addition to receiving all of the other benefits associated with being an employee.
Additionally, you are paid for the hours you work during the school terms. Please note French children have eight weeks of school holidays between September and June plus a number of other vacation periods during the year.

English Teaching jobs

You can earn between 15 and 20 euros NET per hour with a teaching post which varies depending on the number of children you will work with. Finally , please note this posts are reserved for our current employees to boost their weekly hours.


In your working contract the hours you are required to work are clearly stated. If there are changes in these hours, such as working occasional extra hours, they will be recorded via our online extra-net and remunerated accordingly.

Transparency & Tax

Within your pay, there are no hidden surprises. We quote our salaries as net to avoid confusion about what ends up in your pocket!

For example, auto-entrepreneurs receive a gross salary and so are required to pay their own taxes (about 25%) as well as take care of the associated administration that comes with being your own boss.

Please note, in France since 1 January 2019, income tax is now deducted from your salary before you are paid.  We still quote our salary in net figures but depending on your situation (the your total income, if you have a partner etc), income tax may be automatically deducted each month from your pay.

Nanny job in Paris

Nanny job in Paris