It’s Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day
11 June 2024 Beatriz Silva
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Sundays are known to be for family and this weekend we celebrate our dad’s a little extra; but how could we possibly put such amount of love into words? Here’s a mini guide of gifts/activities together that say how much we appreciate them!


What’s Father’s day without a Dad joke? To the Comedy club!


Fever  is offering a Gift Card to discount on a variety of Comedy Clubs around Paris, all ages welcome and with the price range from 20€ to 50€ – all tastes!


Sports Time!


Fans of moving around, this is the time to try out Mini Golf  or who knows a little bit of Tennis!
PS.: Watching match together from your couch with some snacks and themed clothes is absolutely still valid.


Jazz it Up

What about a live concert in a dream venue (literally featured in La La Land!) where everyone is not shy to get up and dance? I recommend Le Caveau de la Huchette! Open seven days a week (fun seven days a week) and plus, they offer a Carte Cadeau if you love it so much you’d like to go back!


Cozy Fun Day

Altough outdoor activities are exciting, sometimes all we really want is to be spend a cozy day home with those you love. And there’s so many ways to have fun indoors!

Cook something together! Homemade pizza, cake, cookies… prepare your own buffet to your taste!

Movie Marathon – so many great movies, so little time; the perfect day to dive into Star Wars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter (all the series)

When was the last time you completed a puzzle? The bigger, the better – get the whole family to help!

Board games, bonus points if it’s the one he used to play as a kid.

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