World Book Day: Suggestions for your Little Learners!

World Book Day: Suggestions for your Little Learners!
7 March 2024 Beatriz Silva
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Happy World Book Day childminders!
In honor of the day, we bring you a list of book suggestions to help you introduce literature to your little learners – we have included where to purchase them so you can take yourself out on a bookstore date while you’re at it!


Kevin and Kate BD series by Sandrine Lemoult

Level: Easy 

Where to purchase: Smith&Son

This bilingual French/English series follows the many adventures of the siblings Kevin and

Kate, each book is based on a different range of topics you can choose from and offers an immediate translation of difficult words. Perfect for younger children and/or English beginners!



The Suitcase by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros 

Level: Easy/Medium 

Where to purchase: Shakespeare & Company

Chris Naylor-Ballesteros’ collection is known for his captivating stories yet illustrated books which will spark your beginner learners attention. The suitcase is his most popular book, translated in over 20 languages.



The Roar by Eoin McLaughlin 

Level: Medium 

Where to purchase: Shakespeare & Company

If you want to start introducing emotions to your children and help them understand their feelings of anger and frustrations gently and effectively, this is the perfect book to read to them. Moreover; it is followed by a series of other titles to help you carry the learning process if successful!



The Naming of Cats by T.S. Elliot 

Level: Medium/Difficult 

Where to purchase: Shakespeare & Company


A fun poetic story about naming cats for you to read out loud, sing or perform together! Featuring a lot of cute illustrations and clever rhymes, it might

just help your little learners be curious about a few more ‘tricky’ words.



Greek Myths for Little Children by Rosie Dickins


Level: Difficult 

Where to purchase: Smith&Son

A more dynamic and niche pick if you would like to introduce a different range of vocabulary to your learners. Ideal for curious children whose level of English is ready for that extra step.


Oscar Wilde Stories for Children 

Level: Difficult 

Where to purchase:

Featuring Wilde’s short stories, The Selfish Giant, The Nightingale and theRose, The Devoted Friend, The Happy Prince, The Remarkable Rocket,

and The Young King; get your learner to get to know the classic names of literature and a more developed vocabulary.   


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