Learning About Dinosaurs

Learning About Dinosaurs
15 May 2023 Friends of Gaspard

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My name is Andreea Mocut and I’m preparing my CAP Accompagnant Educatif Petite Enfance. Currently, I’m taking care of 2 boys and my ultimate goal it’s to make them feel confident speaking English. Children are fascinated about the mysterious world of dinosaurs, it’s a loved subject among kids! Dinosaurs are an incredibly diverse topic that provides lots of learning opportunities for children, whether they are young preschoolers or school-aged children. Learning about dinosaurs also helps kids get their head around the earth’s timeline and appreciate the amazing, interesting things that exist. As a childcarer, my role it’s to encourage their enthusiasm and to accompany them in their exploring. 

There are a lot of books, games and activities about dinosaurs to keep your kids engaged and develop their curiosity. Also, it’s a topic where they can use their own imagination and stimulate their creativity.

How to teach children about dinosaurs?

Here are some of the activities that I did with my kids:

Learning about Dinosaurs with Books

There are so many benefits of reading to children and it is one of the most special activities you can engage in. I used “The Big Book of Dinosaurs”, myLearning about dinosaurs child loves discovering the biggest and most powerful dinosaurs that ever walked the Earth. This book shows show some of the longest, heaviest and most terrifying dinosaurs with measurements and facts about when they lived.

Game “100 activities about dinosaurs”

It’s a fun way for kids to learn and keep them engaged. This game has some cards with information about dinosaurs, quiz, origami, and drawings.

Dinosaur board gameLearning about dinosaurs

This dinosaur board game math activity is a fun way for kids to practice counting,

addition and more. We just need some small dinosaurs, foam dice and the printed dinosaur board game.

Drawing a dinosaur

Encourages children to learn about dinosaurs, it develops creativity and imagination skills.

Exploring the incredible world of dinosaurs it’s a great subject for kids where they can use their imagination and also strengthen their critical thinking. The subject of dinosaurs never gets old so if you are working with a child who likes to explore, this is the perfect subject!

By Andreea Mocut, CAP Student 2022-2023

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