A Sunny and Creative Day in Paris with Children!

A Sunny and Creative Day in Paris with Children!
15 May 2023 Friends of Gaspard

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Me and the two wonderful kids I had the pleasure to work with this year, we love to spend time creatively and have fun. Above all we love trips to the park as well as arts and crafts; but what better way to do that than to combine the two together in one activity? Let’s take a look together at a day out in Paris with children!

paris with children

Nature Can Give Colour!

As Paris is not famous for its sunny days, when we saw the sun’s rays , we packed our backpacks to go to the park. To respect the environment of the park we decided to do an activity with natural materials. As we used leaves and wood in the past, we preferred to try something different. Just the day before, I was looking around my kitchen for ingredients that could add color with the addition of a little water. I found mostly spices, put them in my bag with the rest of the materials and waited for the creators!

What We Used

  1. matcha powder
  2. curcumin
  3. coffee grounds
  4. red beetroot(boiled)
  5. paprika
  6. water
  7. brushes and cups
  8. a big cardboard
  9. papers and pencils
  10. tablecloth


Let’s Use Our Senses!


Αs we have already mixed each of the materials with water, we tested them on a paper surface and named them in English! Then, no instructions were given so that the the children could relax and create improvisationally with their imagination and freedom! Therefore, they spontaneously started to touch the colours with their hands to feel their texture. At the same time, they made mixtures and used their sense of smell. With the constant cultivation of the senses comes discovery, experimentation and of course knowledge. It is even more fun to learn through nature and art! Enjoy our results!

Sensory Development

Sensory exercises and activities help the child to better perceive the properties of objects, develop the feeling of attention and thinking, thus enriching his intellectual powers. Objects such as wood, paper, cardboard of various kinds, water, soil, natural materials and all kinds of other objects and stimuli can exercise children’s senses, stimulating their interest in play.


It is not hard to do innovative activities. All it takes is the willingness and good company! Before you grab your brushes, don’t forget to use all of your senses to explore the materials. What are you waiting for? Have fun creating!


By Chara Koutsokostas, CAP Student 2022-2023

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