Montessori Education- The Essentials!

Montessori Education- The Essentials!
20 January 2020 Virginia Bastide
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Most of you will of heard about Montessori education or even attended a school yourself.

What is Montessori training? Is it just the chance for children to free play all day and figure life out by themselves? Why is it becoming so popular for kids to get this education and for adults to become Montessori teachers?

In Paris especially, there’s a nouvelle vague and demand for Montessori teachers. This blog is set to demystify some common misconceptions and find out more…

Montessori Education

What is Montessori Education?

Developed by Maria Montessori in the early 20th century, she realized that children need to learn through actual experiences versus sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher all day.

The Montessori teacher is often referred to as a guide, rather than lecturing to a class full of children, they are more likely to do one-to-one work and assist children where needed.

Why is it so popular?

Like anything, when something is a bit different and ‘out there’ people like to experiment and try it. Montessori is becoming a household name here.

Montessori Education

How do kids benefit?

Montessori education recognizes that all children learn in different ways, and so utilises a variety of learning styles. Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge. Internal satisfaction stimulates curiosity and interest in the activity, in turn encouraging a passion for learning that is sustainable over a lifetime.

Children benefit from using specially designed objects for learning. For example instead of learning maths facts and figures parrot fashion, they start by using actual items to count. Classes are mixed so that different ages and skills learn from one another, a bit like one big happy family! Work sessions are long and focused in order to help children to get deeply involved in a topic and maximise concentration level. So instead of 30 minutes for English, and 30 minutes for Maths, they might spend a full morning or afternoon on one area of learning. Want to give it a try? Check out these 5 activities for sensory development.

How can I get a job using Montessori Education techniques?

Montessori training can be expensive and you might want to test the waters before embarking on a lifelong career in it. A great way is to go on a work placement within a Montessori set-up.

Here at Le Répertoire de Gaspard, for those students following our early years childcare diploma course, everyone has the chance to do a placement in a Montessori pre-school or crèche. To find out more about what its like to be one of our students read a day in the life of a Childcare Diploma student.

By putting theory into practise, our students are able to observe and participate in real-life situations. For other work opportunities in France, check-out

Want to apply to our agency and get some Montessori Education experience; Apply online here!

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