Music and Children’s Development

Music and Children’s Development
15 May 2023 Friends of Gaspard

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How “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Row, Row, Row The Boat” & Co help your children in their development

My name is Helene, I am a CAP AEPE student at “Le Repertoire de Gaspard” while working with the same agency with two incredible children. If you want to know about music and children’s development, and how music can help your kids become independent individuals, stay tuned!

The magic of music

Music is more than a few notes strung together in a row. It is something that accompanies many people like myself since childhood. Songs or the sound of certain instruments that we associate to this day with memories of our childhood. From my mom’s first lullabies, to memories of my grandmother teaching me to play the piano, to today introducing my two little ones to the English language through singing together.

We play the piano, sing and dance. And while having fun and laughing together, the kids learn not only to express themselves and their emotions, but much more that takes place in the unconscious: the magical influence of music on the development of our children.


Language development

Before I started working with the two kids I am now taking care of, they barely spoke a word of English. Personally, I have never been a fan of the “classical teaching style”. Why sit down and cram vocabulary when there is another way? “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” is just one of many incredible examples of how you can teach your children English in a playful and musical way. While singing and moving around to follow the lyrics, multiple senses are engaged which are linked to creativity, linguistic talent and motor skills. This helps your child to quickly process and internalize new information. But there is more to it!

Social development

Working with siblings who share the same passion – music – was particularly interesting. It allows them not only to transform and express their emotions but also to communicate with each other and strengthen their relationship. Singing together, dancing together, responding to each other’s rhythms and reacting to each other shapes the children’s social competence at an early age. Watching brother and sister grow closer through music and outgrow themselves is a truly amazing experience!

Le Musée en Herbe – En avant la musique!

After “matching sounds” activities, piano pieces and Christmas carols, it was time to offer the shared passion more than can be found at home. The “Musée en Herbe” offers an exhibition on the history of music and the development of media. Much to discover, for young and old. From the creation of the first gramophones to information on the development of CDs and music media in use today. We were also able to try out voice distorters ourselves and explore many new sounds, having lots of fun along the way. The exhibition continues until May 21st 2023 and is definitely worth seeing so check it out!

If you want to find out more about music and children’s development, you might also be interested in the articles “Teaching Music To Toddlers” and “The Importance of Music in Language Learning”.


By Helene Pachucki, CAP student 2022-2023

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