World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day
22 March 2024 Beatriz Silva
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On Mach 21st we celebrate the magic of words, the dance of emotions – it’s World Poetry Day.

Based off Shakespeare & Company’s poetry collection (bookshop nestled on the banks of the Seine, opposite Notre-Dame);  we’ve curated a poetic journey that will ignite your soul and transport you to literary realms.

📍37 Rue Bûcherie, 75005

Haruko / Love Poems by June Jordan

A tale of profound adoration, gives voice to the complexity of the wild and quiet duality of romance – falling in love with love.


Paris in Our View by Shakespeare and Co. 

The feeling of Paris put into words through a collection of 55 poems curated by Shakespeare & Company; counts with names such as Oscar Wilde, Monet, Vitor Hugo as well as modern names.


Ariel by Sylvia Plath

A collection of Plath’s most famous poems on her known yearning to make sense of one’s darkest thoughts and emotions, a study of self-destruction trhough the lens of a female tale.


A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver 

A grounding, graceful reminder of the beauty of the simple things, a love letter to nature & intense appreciation of life in itself.


The Orange and Other Poems By Wendy Cope 

From the same author as ‘Serious Concers’ and the reason behind the viral ‘Peeling an Orange’ theory – love at its best.

(Part of Shakespeare & Co. Coup de Coeur selection)


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