Introducing ‘‘the team’’. Our multinational staff who form the agency are involved with everything from recruitment, through to childcarer and family support to teaching and management of our own, Paris Institute of Child Care Training.

Catherine – French

Conductor of the orchestra

Catherine ensures each of the Gaspard soloists are playing their part and together form a welcoming and supportive team for our childcarers and families.

Virginia – Scottish

Human Resources

She has been responsible for talent recruitment since 2010 and works to recognize and employ those with great traits suitable for working with our Gaspard families.

Rachel C – Australian

Family Liaison & Communications

Rachel is responsible for ensuring the working relationship between our childcarers and families flows smoothly! She also animates our social media and is the go-to person for English learning ideas and materials.

Magda – Polish / Canadian

Recruitment & Family Liaison

Magda filters through CV’s and applications find great childcarers to work with our great families! She also works to match successful candidates with the perfect family.

Keelin – Irish

Family Liaison

Using her experience as a childcarer, Keelin manages the relationship between our employees and the families to ensure everything travels smoothly throughout the school year.

Rachael O – American

Recruitment & Family Liaison

Rachael conducts the initial recruitment interviews with childcarers and is therefore often the first Le Répertoire face many of our applicants will see. She also works with the family liaison team to match families with their perfect childcarer.

Solène – French


Responsible for ensuring everyone gets paid on-time each month, Solene covers the French HR basics such as your social security and mutual.

Natasha – English


Natasha is our social media worker. She is responsible for keeping you all up to date across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as creating exciting videos and blogs posts for your information and entertainment!

Rebecca – English

Office Administrative Support

Rebecca supports our childcarers by helping with important administrative tasks such as social security numbers (carte vitale) and applying for government help through CAF. She works alongside the HR department to make sure everything runs smoothly for our childcarers.

Vera – Swiss

Yoga Teacher

With each breath, Vera assists our childcarers to find their inner zen with the practice of yoga. Each weekly class has a group of regulars who enjoy the benefits of these intensive sessions!

Paris Institute of Childcare Training

The Paris Institute of Childcare training proposes training to our international students to prepare for a French diploma, the CAP Petite Enfance.

Ranya – American

PICT Coordinator

Ranya oversees the programme and our team at the Paris Institute for Childcare Training. She ensures the students are supported and receive everything the need to succeed and attain their CAP Petite Enfance diploma!

Amélie – French

French Teacher

A certified Alliance Française French teacher and a DELF examiner, Amelie has been part of our agency since 2011 and has helped countless students dive into the French culture through the French language.

Mario – French / Mexican

Child Development Teacher

Mario is one of our CAP teachers and through his engaging lessons and sharing of experience, he teaches our students about child development to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to become amazing childcarers and professionals in the industry.

Sahana – Indian

CAP Administrative Coordinator

Sahana works alongside Ranya to ensure the smooth sailing of the administrative side of things for the CAP programme and the daily lives of our students.

Catherine – French

Maths Teacher

With a background in teaching and the corporate world, Catherine is well placed to introduce the CAP students to their mathematics component!


Jordan – Australian

Childcare professional

Jordan takes the practical classes of the CAP Petite Enfance enriching the students experience with her insights as a pediatric and maternity nurse. She also ensures our childcarers and families are supported through out the year with home visits designed to oversee the safety, behaviour management and English learning aspects of the job!

Hervé – French

First Aid

Professional fireman, he leads the official first aid training for the students and our childcarers at large, equipping them with the lifesaving behaviours and knowledge required when working with children!

Marina – French

Childcare Sector Specialist

Marina shares her experiences as a director of French creches with our students to best prepare them for their exams and their future careers as childcare professionals.

Christelle – French

French Administration Teacher

Christelle takes classes for our CAP students with the daunting task of covering French law and government structure, occupational health and safety at work and various othe health and family services available in France.


Franck & Alex – French

French Cuisine

These two passionate foodies offer an introduction to our childcares into the world of French regional produce and cooking. The classes consist of theory, market visits and of course, hands-on cooking!