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Part Time Job:
Childcarer for children aged 3+.
After school hours, typically 4.30pm to 7pm on weekdays except Wednesday when it is a half or a full day.
Possible to work one to five days a week.
Salary 14 gross/11 euros net an hour + perks**

Full Time Job:
Childcarer for children aged 0+. Hours can be 9am to 7pm weekdays only.
Salary 11 euros net an hour + perks**

Childcare Diploma Programme:
Work towards obtaining a recognised French diploma in the childcare sector. Work 30 to 35 hours a week.
Time is split into 3 areas – attending the Paris Institute of Childcare Training to study for the diploma; helping a family’s child/ren improve their English and a placement in an international pre-school OR bilingual nursery OR Montessori setting. Salary 1100 - 1400 euros net a month + perks**
Must be available Monday to Friday

Free French lessons; cooking classes; yoga; social events and administrative assistance.