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Johanna“Working with the Agency was amazing. I will miss the team and all the friends that I have made from Le Répertoire de Gaspard during my year living in Paris. I have experiences and memories for a lifetime. Finally, I don’t think my year here could have been any better.” – Johanna

“The Gaspard Agency has been super warm to me and they are always there to help in any genuine possible way. A good childcare job in Paris.” – Charles

“Through the classes provided by Le Répertoire de Gaspard, I was able to build on my existing childcare experience, especially with the practical lessons and internships in Parisian schools. To study in France, as well as gain an official diploma, has been a great opportunity.” – Priya

Why choose us

Childcare Jobs

Our agency can provide you part or full time jobs as well as a special study/work option

French work contract

Our contract will help you set up a french bank account and your social security

Free French Lessons

Our agency offers weekly free French lessons with an Alliance Française accredited teacher

Salary & Benefits

You can earn up to 1.300 € per month NET and you will benefit from advantages like Navigo transport card, free french lessons, free yoga, events…

Personalized support

Our team support you whether it be one on one development, weekly activity ideas, English books and material or administration help

Accommodation in Paris

We can point you in the right direction to find an appartment in Paris or even propose a residential lodgement with one of our accommodation partners


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